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Hi, My name is Erkin Yagci, I am the owner of "@yoga.sequencing" Instagram account. My account is yoga, meditation and ayurveda oriented.
I believe, I know what you need, since I also had similar issues like you. I know the difficulties of increasing real&engaging followers in Instagram.
If your aim is to increase your followers or direct customers to your online store, you are at the right spot.

In order to reach around our 50 thousand followers, we can work together. The growth rate of my account is quite high (nearly 800 followers/day) with a vey high engagement rate (9%). My followers are 79% women and most of my followers live in US (19%). My page gets more than 3200 likes/day in average. 

As you are already seeing, I have  a professional Shopify store to sell yoga products. I love yoga and my wife is professional yoga instructor. So you can be 100% sure that my followers are all real and like to be in contact with my page.

P.S. I should be selective on the post so I can not post non-relevant content on my page.  I hope you understand. Let's work together, Good Luck !!!


1- Send me the photo that you want me to put on my story. 

2- Send me the name of your Instagram account

3- If you want, add the short caption. For Example "Visit my fabulous page!!!" If you don't have caption, I can tag your Instagram account on the photo.

4- Add the Shoutout Option to your cart. DON'T MAKE THE PAYMENT YET.

5- After we agree on the photo, content, make the payment. You can pay by credit card or just pay from PAYPAL (